It’s time to deliver change

As your newly elected Labour MP for Chipping Barnet, I will work across government and throughout the constituency to build a safer, more prosperous and greener Chipping Barnet.

I would love to hear from you about the change you want to see in Chipping Barnet, so please get in touch at

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Dan Tomlinson - the first Labour MP for Chipping Barnet

Our constituency has been represented by Conservatives since its creation in 1974. In 2024 the people of Chipping Barnet chose to change this by electing me as their first Labour Member of Parliament.

The new Labour government led by Keir Starmer will deliver economic stability and rising prosperity for the whole country. I'll put my experience as an economist into practice as our MP – rebuilding our economy as part of Labour's team.

I will advocate for Chipping Barnet and our public services so that our hospitals, schools and local police get the investment and support they need.

I'm proud to have support from the trade union movement.

The change I want to see

Here’s some of the changes I think we need to make to improve the lives of residents in Chipping Barnet - and to reshape our the way our country works for the better, for good.

Investment in public services

As a local resident I know first hand just how stretched our vital public services are locally. I'll fight to get our schools, hospitals - from Barnet Hospital to local GP surgeries - and police service the investment they need.

Bold action to tackle climate change

A rapid increase in green investment will bring new jobs and opportunities, reduce costs for families here in Chipping Barnet, and protect our planet. There's no time to waste.

Fund the police for safer communities

It is unacceptable that Tory cuts to the police have left our communities more vulnerable to crime. We need to properly fund the police and criminal justice system.

Ending the housing crisis

Britain’s unacceptably high housing costs need tackling head-on. This means we need new homes with better infrastructure and truly affordable housing.

Fairer working conditions

Workers here in Chipping Barnet deserve a better deal. This means a higher minimum wage, but also new Fair Pay Agreements brokered between government and employers to drive up standards and conditions.

Better high streets and public spaces

Our local high streets are often the heart of the community, but they've been let down by years of Tory economic mismanagement. I'm committed to turning this around, and have got the practical ideas to do just that.

About me

I’m an experienced economist. I started my career in HM Treasury and, before I was elected as an MP, I worked at the UK’s leading anti-poverty charity, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, leading our work on building a more secure economy.

I’ve put my economic and policy skills into action, I co-wrote the paper that called for the furlough scheme - pushing the Tories into taking action to support jobs during the pandemic.

I understand the struggles families are facing. I grew up in a low income family, receiving Free School Meals as a child, and I know the importance of economic security.